Summing up what my campaign is about

KBJR asked me what my campaign is all about. I emailed them this explanation:

This campaign is about the cures that Donald Trump is killing America with. His cures for our health our economy and the seeds of distrust he has sown will cripple America for decades. That’s not the Republican party in the history books that ended slavery and saved the union.

I ran as a protest candidate against a fake Republican, Trumplican Congressman Pete Stauber two years ago. Because he has failed to separate himself from Trump he will have no credibility with next year’s all-but-certain Democratic Congress. Because I have a long history of opposing Trump I will have the credibility to work with Democrats and more importantly to call them to account when they overreach. I like Democrats. Republicans have forgotten what my Republican Mother taught me. You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

If you have any other questions shoot them this way.

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