Thinking about my dad a dictation from a crowded mind that didn’t want to forget anything before starting his day writing after a three month dearth of writing.

Why I am putting the following gibberish in my blog?

As the title says I have not written much for several months. I am sure I want to continue writing. However, I want to write something more extensive than the blog posts or the 800ish word columns I have written off and on for twenty-two years.

This dictation from a few minutes ago was quick but based on today’s news reading, several months of reading history and years and years of cogitating on the meaning of my life.

I was just in Colorado visiting my son and we got into a discussion of Artificial Intelligence and writing. I gave him one of my columns to read after a long answer to his question about my fears of not being a good writer. That fear was in the past a point I failed to get to in my “glacier” of a monologue. I hoped that showing him an old column would demonstrate I could put pen to paper. It was also a column which mentioned his great grandfather a man he put on a tattoo years ago to honor…… (and I think honor me for honoring him).

Anyway, it seems today is the day I am about to return to paper (after I type stuff and post it online or stick it in my computer) with my research far from complete. Never fear! I hope to have nearly another thirty years to complete my research……that will be plenty more to write.

This post will simply stand as an indication of how my brain gets started on a promising day of writing.

Thinking about my dad and AAI what I know is that there are people who say that AI hallucinates and I wonder if that’s not true so AI has got a big obstacle to overcome and my story from last night having to do with my dad in “is a part of that I’m also thinking a lot about Clarence Thomas and the pubic care which I would like to make into a story for the reader which I have not written for a couple of months and I want to get started again because I still am full of p*** and vinegar but right now I want to think about it my dad and Rush Limbaugh they’ve been on my mind for several months in fact one of the columns I hope to write so Was about Rush Limbaugh and I stopped cold because it became so big I was confusing it with a story of myself going up tornado alley from Kansas to minnesoda and that’s still on my mind but it’s Probably a book’s worth or several books worth of information my dad 1st period my dad took me out of Kansas at the time that I became a minority in my class my class was 16 black kids 16 white kids and an Osage Indian and I was in the minority nobody was in a majority only children were in a majority and that was perhaps my dad’s greatest triumph of decency He was a young lawyer he worked for the Kansas state insurance department as an insurance investigator making sure the con artist in the insurance industry So that people wouldn’t lose out when they needed the help they paid for and the insurance companies had money there to help them but my dad made a strategic blunder he assumed that his boss the elected Kansas commissioner would see thinks the way he saw them and had seen them as a child in Missouri when he was worried about corruption and the boss tweed administration but he made a huge error he advised his boss not to accept money gifts from the people they were regulating And he didn’t get the next promotion so not surprisingly it occurred to him he had offended his boss and as punishment And so my dad looked around and decided maybe it was time for him to leave but let’s look earlier at what he did after Brown versus board of education the case that said that the Topeka schools could not be separated at elementary school into black-and-white my dead after that decision moved in to the house next door to where his wife had grown up 1226 moving street and his child would attend Loman hill elementary school Which was about to be integrated and I have a vivid recollection of the integration process kicking in to high gear when I was sent out as a second greater and the  Playground and saw the black children from the segregated Buchanan school coming with their chairs and books in hand to integrate my school and I was there from 2nd grade through 6th grade when I became a member of the minority everything that some people feared but my father did not leave to pick it because of integration he left because he was worried that his boss was going to punish him for being too honest and so my dad came to Minnesota manquetta where there was not a single black person save one veterinary Erin in the entire town of 40000 people and I became part of the majority although with my Southern accand the white kids in my school called me Called me rib because I sounded like a Southern even though Kansas was very much a part of the Union as I knew from studying Kansas history as a child.

Which brings me to Clarence Thomas a Supreme Court Justice a black Supreme Court Justice who is in the news yet again for corruption and I want to write a piece about the pubic hair on the can that famously was mentioned at a senate hearing trying to confirm whether or not Clarence Thomas was fit to be a member of the Supreme Court and replace through a good Marshal a man who is most definitely one of the most important members of the Supreme Court but who had retired

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