I vent for my French penpal over today’s headlines and Donald Trump

This morning as I woke to headlines coming from Minneapolis. My innocent French penpal asked how my book writing was going and then asked about about Donald Trump. This is the question/litany S. sent me:

S writes:

So I read in the French news what is written about the Scarborough affair. Yes Trump accused him not directly to be at the origin of his secretary death.

And I read also:
“This is not the first time that the billionaire has engaged in such outrage: in 2016, during the Republican primaries, he accused the father of his opponent Ted Cruz of being involved in … the death of Kennedy in 1963. He also accused Bill and Hillary Clinton of having played a role in the death of Vince Foster, a White House adviser who committed suicide in 1993. He also expressed doubts about Barack Obama after the death in an accident plane crash of a Hawaii state official in 2013, or the Orlando shooting claimed by ISIS in 2016.

My reply:

About Trump’s mendacity.

I began paying attention to Trump when he used his father’s wealth to carve out more property in New York. He violated open housing laws to keep black residents out of his apartments. He used his wealth to fight the Government in court till he got his hands slapped ( meaning he was barely punished)

Not long after this he began suggesting that our presidents were so stupid that he ought to be President. No one took him seriously back then.

When in the 1990’s a white woman runner (jogger) was attacked and raped in New York’s Central Park it was thought she might have been attacked by a bunch of young black men who had been acting up in the park.

Always eager to be in the news Trump spent $100,000 dollars on ads in NY Papers saying that the 5 young black me arrested afterwards should be hung even though capital punishment had been outlawed in the state. His pressure helped convict them all and they spent a decade behind bars until the real culprit was found. Like every other bit of mischief he’s been behind he never apologized.

He spent months saying that Obama was born in Africa. No apologies for that. He’s spent months making patriotic white America furious over black athletes who took a prayerful pose kneeling during the playing of the national anthem during football games instead of standing up hand over their hearts.

What they were protesting was centuries of black abuse at the hands of police forces that took special care to keep black slaves, later to be citizens, in line.

Today in my state of Minnesota dozens of blocks of our biggest city Minneapolis lie burning after the fifth unarmed black suspect died at the hands of police in the two years. Three policemen stood by while a fourth strangled a black man by putting his knee in his neck to handcuff and arrest him for being uncooperative.

This was watched by dozens of neighbors who begged the police not to continue. The man’s offense. He was suspected of passing a counterfeit 20 dollar bill in a store. Today there have been tens of millions of dollars in property damage because our police all too often act like the mafia when one of them acts viciously. But in the era of cell phones the whole nation can see the excesses on the nightly news so that it’s no longer possible for the police to cover up for each other.

Trump’s reaction is to claim that in addition to his presidential immunity from prosecution from criminal offenses he has a right to lie on Twitter. He is astonished that social media now tells people when he lies. They have no right to do that! It violates his 1st amendment rights which as President are godlike. He is, of course, investigating Twitter to stop them from letting people know when he prevaricates.

All this is true and factual and just the smallest sample of Donald Trump’s mendacity.

Not all Americans agree with me that he is vile. Many have adopted the opinion that while he is an SOB at least he is their SOB. That makes it OK. (SOB= son of a bitch)

I started writing in my book early today. I don’t know how long it will take but it’s time I put it all down on paper…..or in the internet.

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