Patience helps conversation

The fellow I thanked for identifying him or herself sent me an extended reply instead of short circuiting it with a throwaway line about “creepiness.” I appreciated that. What prompted his/her reply was my thoughtful reaction to personal concerns. It would have been easy for me to dismiss the first couple emails but I know true conversation takes give and take. ***’s last email is below the response it got from me here directly below:

My reply to ***

***, I have a little better take on your thoughts now. Thanks. You referenced education and 9/11 and truth. Too much for me to address. I know everyone makes their own truth and they all differ. Still, I like the New Testament’s advice. The truth will set you free. However, It just may not be your truth…..or mine.
Glad you drive by my sculptures.

Here is what I was replying to from ***:

not a bot, drive by your snow sculptures often (in the right season). also not that tempermental- just very weary of where i let my opinions be known in the age of technology- its all archived somewhere.

your writings lend themselves to your seeming like an educated individual, and it pains me to see educated people being dragged along into this charade. educated people are the last line to hold in a free societies’ downfall into chaos— but the more i see, the less hope i feel for any sort of outcome for average people- educated or not. not without some serious problems before, during, and after whatever comes next.

the truth is worth a lot on some plane- not worth much on ours here in this time / place. simply stated, more people need to share in truth- and whats so great about it- and i did not pick up that vibe from your article.

as i told a co worker a few weeks ago- i appreciate an open mind in a time when most seem to have their minds made up.

but if you dont have your head around 9/11 by now then this conversation won’t go very far.

be well and enjoy the blooms around ya


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