Goodnight Harry

I’m stoked. It helps that I have no expectation of winning what’s likely to be my last serious election ….. unless I have one chance to run for reelection. I’m stoked because fifty years has given me all the tools I need to win an “impossible” race. I’ve had many of these tools, skills talents and one liability that is golden these days – an intense aversion to telling fibs.

And live in a world awash in them. The internet that I love and thought would be truth’s salvation has been coopted by the sorts of nefarious sorts who think Donald Trumps subversion of the constant improvement of America is a hoot and the cover for grifting galore.

Pete Stauber is one of these although I am sure when he visited Ronald Reagan’s White House he had no idea of the perversions he would be tempted to partake in.


I just erased the last ten paragraphs I wrote last night without bothering to read them. I used the word shitty too much and that bugged me but what really bothered me when I woke again was the thought readers might think I was too cocky. I’ve kept the beginning because its OK.

So Good morning Harry.

I am very pleased. Except for ending the day with a dodgy blog post yesterday was a revelation. That’s part of what I wrote about last night. Yesterday I got a chance to go through all the information I put on my campaign pages. Added to the book I expect to have in my hands in two weeks I have six weeks to see if this can all be put together in a good campaign. Money turns people off and I can imagine raising a hundred thousand dollars which, when spent as carefully as I’ve spent it in my previous 19 or 20 money starved campaigns, is a ton of money. Stauber could end up with a glut of it to waste on the tons of political handouts that do little to elect anybody.

I am at an end putting Claudia’s money into this campaign. I earned $8,000 over the last two years as a substitute teacher. That’s the cost of my books first edition. 500 books if sold at $25 would give me a profit over the $6,300 printing costs of $6,200. That’s almost what the printing costs and, as will all things, my tiny run of 500 books is dreadfully expensive. If I can sell all of them within a month say 200 in the first two weeks I’d raise enough to dare to order even more books. My books could be crappy (not shitty) and most people worried about the fate of democracy would find that a modest expense for a book to gather dust until a lifetime from now its recognized as one of the more interesting events in the political attempt to rid America of Trumpism.

Whatever you might say about my oddball book of 70 some reminiscences it is written by someone who doesn’t lie like a rug, and who has seen the ruination of honesty in the Grand Old Party. If there aren’t a million other people like me out in the US who wouldn’t like their story told, as reflected by my example, I’d be surprised. My plan is to make my book available on Kindle for $5.00. If over the course of the summer I could get 50,000 $5.00 books sold at what I think would be about a fifty percent profit that would give me more than the $100,000.00 that I think theoretically could give me a fighting chance to rally Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. My next column is likely to be titled Jen Schultz is too polite to call Stauber a Traitor….. The first sentence of the column says, “I think its rude not to tell the truth.”

Considering that Pete Stauber will make himself even smaller than Trump has shrunk him to avoid a real debate I think I need to chase after him for a debate to tear his heart out…..Trump already has it in his freezer. That’s one reason Dems should vote in the GOP primary. For tactical and strategic reasons. Trump lovers are likely to avoid voting for me like the plague because I have no desire to repeat the lie that Democrats are horrid, horrid people. If I knock off Stauber I’ll have September and October to sell my candidacy for the General election. Why would people want me in Congress? I would cauterize the Republican tongues in Congress when they speak lies. I’d do it cheerfully like my many snow sculptors which have made me perhaps one of the ten best known characters in the City of Duluth. Reporters would race to see what I had to say about my fellow Republicans. That would rarely happen to Congresswoman Schultz.

But I’m getting ahead of my next five Reader columns that I’ll write before I decide whether to file on May 31st or June 3rd.

I am designing a smaller lawnsign which I will add to the 200 signs I paid for in 2022. I was told those signs were the most noticed lawnsigns when I ran in 2022. Because they are such a hassle to put up I only put up 20 in all of Duluth. Imagine 100 of them up by the time Grandma’s Marathon draws tens of thousands of people to Duluth from all over America. They will see one of the most peculiar political lawnsigns and likely take picture of them to send to their friends like people have always done for my snow sculptures. If they google me they will find tons of links to my snow sculptures, my campaign and my book. I hope they disperse that message to every corner of the US. It might not happen but don’t count it out. I just need $100,000. That’s chump change even for a Duluth Mayoral run. For the time being I’ve got 200 lawnsigns paid for. and 5,000 of the flyers left over from 2022 that graphicly show what a liar Pete Stauber is taking an oath to God three times to protect our Constitution.

The best known character in Duluth only needs to sell 200 of his possibly awful books to order the printing of another 1000 or 2000. I’ve never asked friends in person to give me political donations. But this is a business proposition for my company Welty Press. The Constitution and the Supreme Court allows people to spend their own earnings on their political activities. Buying a book is a book purchase not a political donation. But the last page of the book has an ad for my political website where they can donate money to my eccentric campaign. If the book isn’t completely horrid some people who buy it for as little as $5.00 might decide to donate if it directs them to

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