Red Plan to cost additional 10 million more

Hidden from the public; hidden from the School Board; hidden from prying eyes the School District has made their review and comment on changes to the Red Plan virtually invisible. But here it is and you will need a little help following it. So that’s what I’m here for:

It was sent in to the state on January 18th, half a year ago sight unseen by the School Board. No surprise there. It turns out that even with construction companies begging to work for a pittance, and construction materials practically being given away $293 million just isn’t enough to pay for the Red Plan. I suppose it does make it difficult that other goodies like the unexpected Eastern Stadium got added to the plan (for “equity’s” sake) but the District needs ten million more for the following projects:

Ordean High————————-$1,473,623
Denfeld High ————————-$4,202,599
Grant and Nettleton Elementaries –$2,226,304
Lester Park Elem——————— $ 346,174
Laura MacAuther ———————$1,863,926

Great financial forecasting huh?

Fortunately this can all be taken care of by canceling or altering three other Red Plan projects.

Transportation Building—————-$2,537,049
Secondary Tech Center—————-$5,062,309
CAB (Adm. bldg)————————$4,225,092
TOTAL ———————————–$11,824,450

There are another sixty pages to read through which are online and which the Superintendent hasn’t bothered to share with the School Board. It should be fun for readers to plow through it. Its always a comfort to know that the public knows more than their elected leaders.

Word is that the hundreds of million in bonds the School Board authorized and bought aren’t delivering interest as well as planned and that’s causing some additional financial problems as well. Good thing there isn’t any gas or methane below the Red Plan or the whole platform would have blown by now.

I sure with Roger Reinert would make some inquiries about this but he’s been too busy solving the State’s budget mess.

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