The Crimes of Barack Obama


The image above came from the Washington Examiner. I sent one a lot like it from Newsweek, if memory serves, to the Reader to accompany my column this week. At about the same time as corona virus laid the Reader low and cost it advertising and an made it every-other-week publication, it also got a new Editor. Jim has been a fixture in other newsrooms and he brings a journalistic sensibility to his new position. Because I have grown casual about copyrights I have plucked pictures from the Internet without giving thought to rights. When I put them in my blog that’s not much of a problem. Its only when you devalue someone else’s work or make money off it that you subject yourself to potential suits. Since this blog is not intended to generate income I’m not worried about lawsuits. That is not so true of the Reader. So I’ve put the image of both Obama and Trump on this post but you won’t see it in this week’s reader in the next couple days. Its not crucial to the column but I like the image of President 44 and 45 together.

The Crimes of Barack Obama:

It begins: “It was necessary to elect Donald Trump because of the crimes of Barack Obama. I probably won’t remember them all any more than I can remember a day’s worth of President Trump’s crimes.”

And another thing:

I also helped my friend Loren Martell out this week. His computer blew up after he finished this week’s column. When the Reader couldn’t make heads of sense out of what he sent them Loren brought me a disc on which he put it. He asked me to send it to the Reader. But the Reader couldn’t find when I sent it in either. Loren’s systems are a little antique. I took another crack at it and between the Reader, me and Loren we put Humpty Dumpty together again. It would have been a shame not to include it in this week’s paper. Its about experts who are happy to make their living by offering suggestions to School Boards too timid to make any decision without an expert to hold their hand.

Should We Ask the Expert?

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