What the sun giveth . . .

It will also taketh away.

I expected clouds but the forecast let me down and gave me a beautiful sunny day. I can’t paint the snow before the sculpture is in the shaddows because the pigment will simply hasten the melt. Still, I’m making far more progress than I had hoped. I’ll probably have it all painted before my community ed French class at six tonight. If not I’ll finish it up in the morning. I took a picture of it with the shadows beginning to be cast on it. That’s the worst time of day for me to take a picture but still for those of you wondering about my progress take a look:

People don’t quite have it figured out yet. Maybe they never will. I restored Trump’s face and carved out much more of the civil war warriors than I expected to. I’ve had to reapply snow constantly through the day as it sluffs off in the sun.

I’ve been singing the civil war songs my Mom used to play on the piano and asked one person who stopped by if he’d ever seen a copy of President Trump’s birth certificate. He said he hadn’t and I suggested that maybe we all ought to get a look. He said he’d look into it.

The colors to come? Blue and gray of course. And Red, Yellow and orange. And if you are curious how closely this comes to my initial design here’s my model. I am quite pleased with myself so far.

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