Our Mafia President

This will be brief and very incomplete. Its really meant as an introduction to the next two posts.

Among the plethora of Trump related mini-exposes lately have been a couple about Trump’s past working with the “Russian Mafia.” Russians began settling in large numbers in New York at about the time the Berlin Wall fell and were getting acquainted with the dark side of the American economy. Claudia and I stayed near the Brooklyn Bridge the year before 9-11 to see our daughter’s East High School Choir preform in the Big Apple. We were down by the area where sea food is sold and already were wondering if some of the shadowy figures we were seeing were tied in with this new mob. Its been described as more of an extension to Russia’s old KBJ spy network.

Today a whole set of billionaire KBJ offshoots traces back to this Era of gobbling up the old USSR’s most valuable state industries. Putin, himself is reputed to have become one of the richest Russians today based on his connections.

Those connections may have extended to the cash strapped, bankruptcy riddled Trump family. Reportedly he has had Russian Banks shore his lost fortune up by about four billion dollars while also getting him into the business he’s made beau-coup bucks at – licencing the Trump name.

I don’t take any of these charges lightly. Donald Trump bragged when he was running for President about knowing how the swamp works.

I haven’t posted any links to these current stories because anyone can find them with a quick google search. What my eight loyal readers would have more trouble finding are the Minnesota connected stories to the Mafia that I will write about in two cursory posts to follow.

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