Its about time we elected a Jewish President….But Which one?

I’ve been sparring with my ex brother-in-law over the merits of Sanders for a while now. The conversation has now migrated over into the merits of Mike Bloomberg. I’ll show you a sample of our tit for tat….showing more of mine than his. Its my blog and I’m used to stripping myself naked here.

I responded to a list of drawbacks my Bro-in-Law posted about all the candidates in a theoretical campaign against Trump mano a mano or femo, as the case could be. The last option labeled the “nuclear option” featured Mike Bloomberg as if in this case nuclear weapons (his billions) were perhaps an overreach.

I responded:

I’ m pushing the button. It’s better than drinking Trump acid for four more years. If its Bernie I will vote for him but by far most of the very thin wedge of independent voters have had years of warnings that socialism is toxic. Sure, Bernie is given credit for being a straight shooter but these voters will treat a vote for him as like shooting themselves in the foot.

To which with great patience and considerable frustration MY EX-B-I-L wrote back:

Harry I’m sure that when push comes to shove the Democrats will make sure Bernie loses and replace a fake billionaire with a real one, democracy for sale.

And my riposte which will no doubt be just one of many to come until the Democratic convention.

I was talking to a couple of French kids last night who assured me the people of France would never elect a president like Trump. I wished them well. Trump has changed all the rules and I sympathize with your disgust about that. Everyone in America a socialist. Too bad we don’t recognize it. If Bernie could win I’d cheer him on. As it is I may end up voting for him. If he does win the nomination it will be interesting to see if Bloomberg really does help him. I think he will. A capitalist Jew helping a Socialist Jew to rid us of a semi-fascist moron.

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