Another new start on a book

Trying to figure out just what to write bookwise has been a preocupation of mine for ten years. It keeps getting more urgent. Donald Trump only ratcheted up that desire. It was sidetracked by a book about education in my failed run for the School Board last year but as we head to November 2020 I’m back on my original track. This blog contains perhaps ten millions words. Many of them are about my Grandfather. I intend to mine lincolndemocrat and a raft of other sources I’ve collected over the years.

Checking out the search words “bank house” in my blog’s search engine here’s a sample I just found about my grandfather’s family and other pioneers compared to today’s illegals. Take a look. The link to the Story in Forbes magazine still works.

I cranked out a short prologue and am starting on my latest Chapter One.

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