The Real Game

Mr. Percent said today’s “real game” isn’t between Democrats and Republicans but between national sovereignty and globalism.

I beg to disagree. America’s Democrat vs. Republican war is a terrible distraction. In my column I called myself an “alarmist.” I think that makes me a realist. I have had an environment change category for ages and just added a more specific Climate Change category as well. Any Global Warming stuff ended up there. Lately its been heating up just like the earth which suffers five atom bombs worth of new energy added to its oceans every second of every day.

We could use a lot more globalism to fight it as many sovereign nations have too much short term gain to lose if the world’s black market is curbed by international police. I hope we can unite the world to use our brain power to put an end to the coming end times. Saving the Earth doesn’t require the United Nations. But if we allow Donald Trump’s head-up-his-tush populism destroy America I’ll curse the naive Juan Percents from my grave. Or maybe my corpse will just off gas a little methane.

That will be nothing compared to the planned building by China of 150 coal burning power plants all across the third world. That ought to add a few more atom bombs per day to the oceans.

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