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The Real Game

Mr. Percent said today’s “real game” isn’t between Democrats and Republicans but between national sovereignty and globalism.

I beg to disagree. America’s Democrat vs. Republican war is a terrible distraction. In my column I called myself an “alarmist.” I think that makes me a realist. I have had an environment change category for ages and just added a more specific Climate Change category as well. Any Global Warming stuff ended up there. Lately its been heating up just like the earth which suffers five atom bombs worth of new energy added to its oceans every second of every day.

We could use a lot more globalism to fight it as many sovereign nations have too much short term gain to lose if the world’s black market is curbed by international police. I hope we can unite the world to use our brain power to put an end to the coming end times. Saving the Earth doesn’t require the United Nations. But if we allow Donald Trump’s head-up-his-tush populism destroy America I’ll curse the naive Juan Percents from my grave. Or maybe my corpse will just off gas a little methane.

That will be nothing compared to the planned building by China of 150 coal burning power plants all across the third world. That ought to add a few more atom bombs per day to the oceans.

Hurricane Dorian is bearing down on my father in laws home

If Hurricane Dorian doesn’t turn by Labor Day it will come ashore around Palm Beach where my Father-in-law resides. Friends came by to put up his hurricane storms today. A few hurricanes ago all sorts of houses in his development, which is a few miles from the beach, had blue tarps over gashes in their roofs. Hurricanes have been coming with a vengeance to all the region around the Gulf and Caribbean in recent years. I wrote about two of them that glanced off Florida a fifteen years ago in a Reader column.

I wasn’t explaining the changes overtaking the Earth that are bringing this about. Instead, I twitted Republicans. I wrote, “This is not very surprising as Florida takes a Republican inspired, hands-off attitude about government regulation.” Trump’s vacation White House Maralago is just a short distance from my Father-in-law’s home. It is on the beach. The locals hate it when he comes to town because the traffic is tied up. I’ve read that Trump grifted an Insurance Company out of $17 million by claiming Hurricane damage that never took place. At least it wasn’t FEMA money! The President has directed FEMA to spend it on building a border wall in Mexico instead of their usual responsibilities. He didn’t give a rip about Puerto Rico but we’ll see what he does if Maralago takes a real hit. Maybe we’ll be for a second round of grifting.


Actually, I’ve been crazy busy yesterday and today. But here are some articles I’ve read in the last couple days:

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The organic-rich permafrost holds an estimated 15 billion tonnes of carbon. “That’s about twice as much carbon in the atmosphere, and three times as much carbon than that stored in all the world’s forests”, says Natali. She explains that between 30% and 70% of the permafrost may melt before 2100, depending on how effectively we respond to climate change. “The 70% is business as usual, if we continue to burn fossil fuels at our current rate, and 30% is if we vastly reduce our fossil fuel emissions… Of the 30-70% that thaws, the carbon locked up in organic matter will begin to be broken down by microbes, they use it as fuel or energy, and they release it as CO2 or methane.” Read it here.

and this:

Permafrost at outposts in the Canadian Arctic is thawing 70 years earlier than predicted, an expedition has discovered, in the latest sign that the global climate crisis is accelerating even faster than scientists had feared. A team from the University of Alaska Fairbanks said they were astounded…

and relatedly:

Thirteen journalists who were investigating damage to the environment have been killed in recent years and many more are suffering violence, harassment, intimidation and lawsuits, according to a study. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), which produced the tally, is investigating…

And the billion dollar business in China of harvesting the organs of political prisoners: