Three visions of Satan

One of my favorite stories is The Devil and Daniel Webster. Our great old debater got the best of Old Scratch as I recall. But there are many takes on Satan. Of the three I offer here the first is the most eye popping.

Paula White “Trump’s personal religious advisor” and now advocate for aborting Satan’s babies: Click this link to cringe”
A …..

Here’s SNL’s Satan treatment as a fan boy of the President’s lawyers:

And finally, one of my favorite scenes as a kid in the musical Damn Yankees. I just watched it for the first time in thirty years on Youtube. VIEWER WARNING: One scene now makes my flesh crawl extolling the delight with Indians scalping people on wagon trains. Other than being played a joke about how Old Scratch likes to inflict hell on innocents its not unlike the depiction of the “savages” in our Declaration of Independence. Wish I could clip it out.

“Those Were The Good Old Days” Ray Walston singing the Devils song in the musical Damn Yankees

Note the Capitol dome behind the curtains in this scene. Times never change.

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