The previous post title wasn’t even an idle threat

I can’t let down my eight loyal readers and I’ll still need this space to stay sane so I have no plans to stop blogging.

Just after a very long day piling up up the snow for my elephants I noticed I was feeling woozey. I ignored the feeling for a couple days and then had myself checked out. My guess is that I’ve knocked some calcium deposits off my inner ear and they’ve been swimming around giving me a sense of vertigo. For the past couple weeks I’ve been putting on a skin patch behind me ears with some ingredient to keep me stave off motion sickness. I took the last one off last night and guess what? I’m a tad nauseous at the moment. If it continues it will be a little signal for me to take it easy. It will be a signal I will be strongly tempted to ignore.

I’ve had many things to blog about over the past week. Perhaps the most amazing thing was receiving an email out of the blue from the nephew of the foreign exchange student my family lot track of a few years after he stayed with us back in 1968. He found one of my commentaries on Bedru and introduced himself to me. We emailed back and fourth but he has not responded to my last email which is a little disconcerting. He confirmed my family’s suspicion that the Ethiopian government had silenced him. His nephew said he’d been “martyred.”

I am still hung up waiting for a fire to light under my feet to begin writing a book…….not a blog post. But my fingers are feeling stingy. I even missed writing a new column for the Reader this week. To my surprise they reprised the previous week’s column and republished it but with a different picture of my elephants. I’ve started writing a new column yesterday that I’m keen to finish but in the last couple of hours I’ve cooled off. Maybe its the vertigo talking.

I have been practice my French like crazy today. Its been just over two years and I have so much more to learn. I intend to put in a third year and Claudia was kind enough to sign us up for a 45 day stay in Provence for an adult language program next fall. My sweetie gave up on it after a week of experimenting. She really was looking forward to a simultaneous camp of french cooking. That, however was filled up. We are both hoping that someone else will back out between now and fall so she can do what suits her interests. That will put me out of the country when we elect our president. So, if I’m running for Congress I’ll have to do it by correspondence.

In the meantime I’ve got a couple other things to attend to. I still haven’t finished up my substitute teaching training. Tomorrow I have to introduce a speaker to our church men’s group and then serve breakfast at the CHUM center for the homeless. I got an email from the city sort of inviting me to help them teach folks how to snow sculpt at Canal Park early in February. (sigh) I’ve also got some winter travel plans to Florida and to Arizona. For a guy who never works I sure keep busy.

Sorry, I feel too blah to proof read this.

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