Holloweeny stuff

Between watching my grandson and being an usher at the Depot where my grandson is s pitratical treasure hunter in the Production of Treasure Island and doing other holloweeny things I’ve had a hard time finding time to put up more lawnsigns. Above is a spider that is dangling above my front door. Its there waiting for me every morning I go to pick up my Tribune. Its dark and next week we are switching over to daylight savings time. It will be a little less scary to pick up my trib. Its almost as scary as opening it up to see what’s inside. Today it was a mixed bag. The reinterated their school board endorsements which were two for three for the folks I support. Alanna Oswald got their endorsement and so did Loren Martel. I missed out but I’m so used to getting elected without their endorsement and without any from labor unions or the DFL that I can shrug it off. I’m such a known quantity with voters that I’ll be elected or not based on their opinions not the opinions voters check out of me from the Trib. All in all I’m pleased with their school board endorsements.

Friday night I volunteered to hand out goodies at Lowell Elementary. I headed there straight from putting up lawnsigns. The view above taken by a parent of me with the Crytal Farms cheese sticks it was my lot to pass out is suitable fuzzy which obscures the innocent kids that took my treat. Crystal Farms volunteered 400 or more of the string cheese and most kids were happy to take it. I loved showing the dorothy’s my Cell phone cover of a Halloween a few years back. I told the little girls everything was perfect about their costume except the absence of the beard.

And that left me with today’s sort of laid back trunk or treat at our church. I’d made a scarecrow with my grandson a month ago to keep him off tech (a cell phone) and we stuck it up as a cornfield. Claudia is the crow who would pluck me clean of corn kernels and I was an ear or corn. I told every adult that walked by that my wife always picked out my cloths.

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