9:13 AM Party of one

I’m giving myself 17 minutes to blog this so very little proof reading will be allowed. I’m blogging just to keep the diary function going and to record my progress on campaigning to date as well as all I have yet to do and projects needing tending today or yesterday.


I got up at 6:45 and have been sucking up news from the Times the Post the News Tribune and the DNT and NPR. I’m full up with five days of things to comment about

Yesterday I played chess with my housebound pal went to the Lions Pancake dinner and before watching the two hour movie Unbroken ( lost a minute checking the title) which I’d recommended my wife read I took campaign materials to the Rose Garden to pay a call in the drizzel to the 25 or so intrepid protestors of the Gaza miasma. I missed them there in the morning after they stayed there leaving no mess behind them earlier in the morning. What they made of an old bearded guy giving them some campaign stuff I don’t know. I rushed out before the News Cameras recorded me lest my approach to area members of the Temple Israel get the idea that I was a wild eyed crazy. Thinking that my wry attempt at a flyer was not going to hit it off with them I tore out six pages from one of my rough drafts about my experiences in Israel might be a better introduction I handed them to a woman with a bullhorn before she engaged it. Everyone seemed familiar with my snow sculptures if nothing else. I’m hoping to chat with some motivated people later.


Among the news items that caught my attention and that I emailed myself were these some of which I only glanced at….this will cost me a couple minutes to post.

134 protesters arrested on 2 campuses had no connection to schools, NYPD says: https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2024/05/03/columbia-arrests-not-students-nypd/

Texas man files legal action to probe ex-partner’s out-of-state abortion: https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/2024/05/03/texas-abortion-investigations/

In the case of this post I had already sent a link from NPR story to my brother who is thinking of moving out of his quarter century home in Missouri telling him I wouldn’t mind if he left. That story was about how pregnant women are forbidden by Missouri law from divorcing their husbands. He’s responded to my email but I’ll check that out in two minutes.

9:28 Today I have to rust proof rebar to put up a hundred massive lawnsigns in the window of sunny weather I seem to have.

I have to figure out why after 40 hours of waiting for fixes to show up www.weltyforcongress.com is still unavailable.

9:29 I have to research how to put my book on Kindle……….Ah 3:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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