The District is “above the law”

As you’ve read here before the District is planning to carve a statist quote from the 4th Century slave holder Diogenes to the effect that force feeding our children an education will be good for our national security. Why must the District proceed? Well, if it doesn’t they will have wasted (shudder) $5,000. Its nice to know the District is finally getting serious about chump change.

From Kerry Leider’s “we can’t wait for the City” letter to School Board members

. . . . The District is requesting the City Council reverse the March 23, 2010 decision of the Board of Zoning Appeals in the matter of File Number 10004. It is my understanding there is City action underway to amend the zoning code for signs to possibly allow such inscription on public buildings.

Unfortunately, the production of these carved panels cannot wait pending the result of the appeal to the City Council or the potential code change. Therefore, to preserve the option for this phrase to be embossed into the side of the building, the District must now proceed with the production of the concrete panels to include the letters.

We do not have time to wait for our appeal to be decided by the City Council, or a code change process that might allow the lettering. By proceeding with the letters formed into the panels, the District is preserving the opportunity to have this feature in our finished building, and we therefore also accept the lettering may need to be covered with architectural metal or other means acceptable and consistent with the building code.

I have given the construction manager direction to proceed with the production of the concrete panels to include the letters “THE FOUNDATION OF EVERY STATE IS THE EDUCATION OF ITS YOUTH”.

I’ve already pointed out that the quote the community has had no say in could just as easily have been placed above schools in Stalinist Russia or Hitler’s Third Reich. Here’s what a friend who is not on the school board recently emailed me about this travesty:

I suppose you know that the arrogant district is forging ahead with their sign at Ordean. The cost of the letters is $5000. I guess that $5000 will contribute to education and safety as all of the Red Plan does.

Leider acknowledges that the sign does not conform to zoning standards but they cannot wait for the ordinance to be changed. They are above the law. They chose the phrase.

I would guess since they are so concerned about “equity” all schools will have $5000 lettering.
If they have been working with the city all along as they continuously state, why did they not know it was illegal? Or did they but just didn´t care? But this is another nice example for students. Teach them to take what you want when you are sure you can get away with it. Great philosophy for teenagers.

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