Alanna warned me

The previous post is about my proposed book. No. I realized early on I would probably not finish it on time. Alanna Oswald, bless her heart, was worried after reading some of my posts on the subject that I would make a lot of folks angry for reneging on my book writing promise. It wouldn’t be that many people. Its less than 75 orders and frankly, most of them would probably forgive me since getting me on the school board is probably their first concern.

I promised a book once before on the history of the Red Plan. Readers of the Duluth Reader all got something of a free summary as it was. But I mailed back $800.00 worth of pre-orders when I realized I didn’t have the heart to keep writing that book. If I don’t get this book done I’ll do the same thing. Refund everyone.

Over the summer my priorities have shifted a little like thoroughbreds on a race course. At first it was running for Congress to deprive Donald Trump of friendly congressmen. Running for School Board was intended as a stepping stone and a book on my education was a trial run for a book about my experience with America’s politics which I hoped might help me fund that Congressional Change. But the summer has changed that.

Now I’m fully invested in turning the Duluth Schools around. I can imagine filing again to challenge Pete Stauber but really….. we all know how that would almost certainly turn out. BUT YOU CAN’T STOP AN IDEALIST FROM DREAMING.

And I do want to write that book on education. It will be personal and vintage Harry Welty. But, the timetable is likely to change. Instead of having that ready by year’s end I want more time to give it the care it deserves. In the meantime I plan to put together (As of now I’m planning) to put together a somewhat more whimsical book of my past writing. Just yesterday as one lady grabbed my lawnsign she told me in answer to my ads in the Reader…..”And yes we do read your columns.” I think I can get that cranked out in the month following the election and I’ll send it to my “purchasers” as an aperitif before the main course.

In a more general sense my first priority has always been to pass the world on just a little bit better than I found it. I hope my writing can do that as it will live beyond me. Trouble is. We are starving and strangling and suffocating my grandson’s Earth. What can my puny skills at writing do to save their bacon? Nonetheless, writing has been my second priority since I wrote a book in 1992 to fund yet another (and my first) campaign for Congress. It didn’t get me elected.

Go ahead eight loyal readers. Shake your heads but first ask yourself……What are you doing here?

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