Thank you Moldova

With the help of Moldova I managed to break just about every statistical record for visits to my website this last month. I have no idea if it is actual people visiting Lincolndemocrat or not. It might be bots or spiders. It doesn’t seem to be actual humans because the number of actual “individual visitors” is only up a little, perhaps no more than 100 additional visitors.

No one from Moldova took me up a couple days ago when I invited someone to explain what was going on.

I’ve enjoyed watching bandwidth, visits per person, etc. skyrocket. It even prompted me to spend more time posting than I’ve done in quite a while just to keep the stats growing. My efforts on this score will begin to diminish. I keep mentioning that I’ve got a book to work on. Every hour blogging about the stupidity of people supporting the Red Plan or GOP fantisists keeps me from this work. So, dear readers, I can’t offer you a bonanza of vitriol or scorn any time soon.

Oh, I’ll keep posting but not with such mania. Thanks Moldova for reminding me how time consuming blogging can be.

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