Could I support Elizabeth Warren?

The 2020 election is a little over a year away but I raised chuckles of appreciation not long ago at the Chamber of Commerce’s forum for the School Board candidates. I told the threadbare audience I wanted a presidential new School Superintendent like Warren. I’ve also said I am like Warren in that I have a plan for everything. I like Warren and I delight at seeing Donald Trump getting Pocahontased in the eye.

However, the wagons are being circled against this wannabe Native American. Former NY Mayor and current multi billionaire, Michael Bloomberg, a man I admire, is mulling a fight against her potential attack on Wall Street. I for one would cheer on Warren’s “wealth tax” but not at the expense of re-electing Donald Trump by dividing the electorate so that Trump’s blind and myopic supporters can keep him behind the nation’s wheel with 35% of the vote.

If it was a two-way race I would be less fearful because a Warren victory would still require her as President to get the Congress to go along with her most ambitious proposals. But the Congress might make a mighty Anti-Trump turn and give Warren the power to do what she wanted. I could live with a nationalized health care program although I think a gradual turn in that direction makes more sense. But again, could I endure the threat of four more years of a spoiled-rotten-child President who has cost me sleep for the past four years?

This is what centrist David Brooks said about Warren:

“First, there are Warren’s policies. On trade, she’s a protectionist. Her 10-year, $34 trillion health care plan isn’t paid for. Her student debt cancellation plan is a handout to the upper middle class. Her campaign seems to not acknowledge the inevitable trade-off between economic growth and high spending, high taxes and high regulation.”

To the extent that Mr. Brooks represents the thinking of a quarter of American voters who will toss a coin next year its worth agonizing about.

Here is Brook’s complete column.

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