District financial planning

A supporter just sent me a little evidence that the plan to adopt all day kindergarten is a Hail Mary Pass. According to an October 8 story written as a scare tactic to help sell an operational levy in 2008:


No School (with a picture of a Jan 2010 calendar)

No band …

Busing cuts …

Shorter days …

And then in a sidebar:

At a glance

Duluth school district officials released a list of potential cuts and adjustments that could be made to save money next school year if the operation levy up for renewal in November fails.

Among the proposals:

A monthlong break in January to save on heating costs and other expenses.
A four-day school week to save on transportation, energy and support staff costs.
Shortening the elementary school day by reducing time students spend in art, music and physical education.
Cutting or combining extra-curricular activities, including athletics.
Eliminating the optional zero-hour classes at the high schools.
Eliminating Secondary Technical Center programs for eight-grade students.
Tightening busing eligibility standards.
Closing Central High School earlier than called for under the long-range facilities plan.

Its a little hard to believe with these sorts of threats that the District would decide to spend a million bucks on a goodie like All day K.

Maybe it was just a scare tactic.

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