“Go get ’em, tiger!”

I enjoy many hearty laughs every day. I hear its healthy. Well, I just pulled a good one out of my campaign PO box. A nice donation came in from one of the handful of folks I’ve seriously taken to task on this blog. It came with a cheerful note: “Go get ’em, tiger!” on it.

I have always told newbie candidates never to foreclose the possibility of getting along with their foes of today because they might become allies in the future. The bastards who attacked us on 9/11 reunited, if temporarily, Republicans and Democrats. If we were attacked from outer space today I’d rally around Donald Trump and set aside my growing conviction that his apparently treasonable actions ought to get him impeached. There are priorities and saving Earth would require keeping him in office no matter the irony. Of course, if he proved to be as incompetent fighting aliens as he has been running the US, I’d put my obsession with Democracy on hold and support a coup d’etat. I’d give him about two weeks to screw up,

This post is not the first one in this blog to explain that no one has ever made me angrier in my entire life than Art Johnston. Yes. That Art Johnston! The Art Johnston who alienated me from half of Eastern Duluth as I rose to his defense. Long before we became allies, Art had pissed me off to no end. I sent him an email a few weeks before his first election in 2013 telling Art. “I hope you win. It will be the worst four years of your life.”

As for my new surprise benefactor, I will make it a point to invite him to have coffee with me. Its likely that his sending me a check was 90% mischievousness and 10% good government. That’s OK by me. I’ve made some mischief myself over the years, especially when old fossils try taking us back to the age of dinosaurs.

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