My blog posts

Periodically I feel the need to reexplain my posting policy. I edit blogs upload them before they’re finished and then go back and keep at it till I’m satisfied usually withing a twenty-four hour period. I only infrequently make changes after that.

Some blog posters take pride in including obvious typos. I don’t and I’m a frequent typo artist myself. I worry more about getting my facts straight than my spelling however and sometimes I’m caught without a spell checker.

The post before this was interrupted by the Tan Man who rushed up to my room with his Grandmother and turned my light off while blinding me with a flashlight. He’d gotten the idea from his Corduroy book and after I joined him with my own flashlight in his bedroom he wanted a pillow fight which he’d also encountered in Corduroy.

I can’t do much about the Red Plan now and I’ve already sacrificed plenty of Tanner time.

I got back to the post after the ten o’clock news and added some links and I’ll take a look at it again tomorrow morning for some possible proof reading. If you read it in the late afternoon you may want to revisit it.

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