Page 49

Once again its the page number of my latest Reader ad placement.

Tomorrow I am going to get some much needed away time. The Minnesota Get Together. Our State Fair, beckons. We’re taking a grandchild who has never been to it before. I hope my kitchen is a little further along when I return home tomorrow night. If I come home to find my own fundraising letter in my mailbox that will mean I’ve begun the process of explaining my campaign to the Second District voters who don’t make it a habit to look at my online presence. I’m mailing to the 2,000 homes in my ninth precinct. If enough donations are returned it will allow me to mail my letter to another precinct. I have seven more to cover after tomorrow. There are 12,000 homes in all. It will be a less painful process than getting plantars fascitis again. I was crippled by that three weeks before the 2017 election. I’ll save my strength for writing a book and placing ads in the Reader.

And I finally put up a Welty lawnsign. Its in my front yard by Alanna Oswald’s sign. We’re up to three cylinders on our V6 engine.

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