“Committee-of-one run by Harry Welty his own darned self”

I completely forgot that I ordered some ads in the Duluth Reader a couple weeks ago. So, when I sought out a stack of this week’s issue to thumb through, I was surprised and delighted to see one of them on page 49.

I’ve gotta tell you. Five long hot days removing storms, scraping old paint, repainting putting up new storms one after the other under an intense sun on heavy to hoist scaffolding left me exhausted even though we finished our Summer’s goal well before noon today. Not only was I tired but I was bummed because my French streak had been lost. It took great effort today to start a new streak again. And four unread News Tribunes awaited me and more fascinating but unread NY Times stories than you can shake a stick at. I was like the butcher who sat on the meat grinder – behind in my work. I was at low ebb……..

…….until page 49!

Now I’m raring to start writing again. I’m not completely off the good deed hook. I will be serving at the Damiano Soup Kitchen tomorrow but I will also get our refrigerator out of my dining room. New kitchen appliances are coming tomorrow and we will have a real kitchen again for the first time in two months. And who knows. with this ad in the Reader maybe someone other than my loyal brother will make an online purchase of my in process book. I hope so. Now I’ve got to pay for Reader ads too………… hopefully not “by my own darned self.”

And check out Givemhellharry.org too while you are at it.

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