Teach your children well

Almost all textbooks in the US are teaching children that evolution is a big maybe because text book publishers bow to the standards required of them by the state of Texas. For a couple decades Christian fundamentalists have called the shots on what can be printed in text books. Most recently they determined that the US Constitution is an “enduring document” not a “living document.” You might have guessed that this is GOP speak for we don’t want any damn “librul” activists judges messing with our Constitution. Conservative activists they’re not so concerned about because to be a conservative (and not one of those damned fool RINOs) is to understand that America’s founding fathers were all good inerrant Christians who wanted to found the new Zion.

Pay no attention to that global warming stuff or evolution. You can’t trust those scientists anyway. This isn’t evolution at play.Tain’t no sech thing. Its just God’s wrath:

Oh by the way, this story is about how the entire world’s wheat harvest could be killed off in the next couple years. What might that mean? a billion starving people? Earthquakes and tsunamis and contraception pale by comparison.

Indeed, 90 percent of the world’s wheat has little or no protection against the Ug99 race of P. graminis. If nothing is done to slow the pathogen, famines could soon become the norm – from the Red Sea to the Mongolian steppe – as Ug99 annihilates a crop that provides a third of our calories. China and India, the world’s biggest wheat consumers, will once again face the threat of mass starvation, especially among their rural poor. The situation will be particularly grim in Pakistan and Afghanistan, two nations that rely heavily on wheat for sustenance and are in no position to bear added woe. Their fragile governments may not be able to survive the onslaught of Ug99 and its attendant turmoil.

When I was running for the legislature a decade ago I wanted to introduce a law that forbade Minnesota School districts from using any books authorized by the state of Texas.

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