Harry’s Diary 8-7-2019

Its August and I am in something of a holding pattern. This morning, like five previous mornings over the past week I spent hours working on the 96 replacement storm windows for my church. Today’s work was a relatively short four and a half hours. I’ll be climbing the scaffolding on Saturday and Monday through Wednesday. Its hard enough work that its not easy to work up enthusiasm for writing a book which has been my principal preoccupation for the past three months.

On the other hand, yesterday I put an astounding 6,000 words down. It wasn’t hard just time consuming. I think I’ve found the groove that will get me a book before the election. If I manage it I have another book ready to work on. It too has a likely name just as this one does.

I’m not quite ready to announce the Title yet but I hope by Friday to have begun the process of “marketing” the book. A fundraising letter is being mailed out to about 1,500 voters in my precinct. If one percent of them order a book I’ll be able to keep up the mailing and marketing until all seven of my precincts are covered.

Think of this book as my “The Art of the Deal.” I remember my salesman brother, Andy, telling me the book, ghost-written for Trump, was a great motivator for him in sales. I love my brother and every time we get on the phone lately I marvel at how a former admirer of Trump’s book can can share as much disdain for the man today as I feel.

Unlike Trump my book title will be self deprecatory.

Its late and I just wanted to add something to my blog after a little inactivity. The blog will provide a lot of content for my Facebook Page. I was embarrassed by the one I had two years ago for that year’s election. This time I plan to take the time to make it interesting.

Facebookers tend to avoid politics and long winded content like that which I’ve cram into Lincoln Democrat. Still, I’d like to think I can entice some folks from Facebook over here in the blogosphere. Time will tell.

And Time for bed.

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