Out in the Cold

Loren Martell doesn’t read my blog often but he chanced to read about my campaigning a couple days ago and called me up to be certain what he’d read. I mentioned that I’d been invited to talk the Superintendent and screen with the Central Labor Body. Loren was not invited to either. I told Loren that to the best of my recollection Bill Gronseth’s email invite to talk indicated that the Superintendent was inviting all six school board candidates to have a chat. Loren hadn’t gotten his. And the Central Labor Body didn’t either. I hope the former was not intentional. I have to believe the latter was. Loren has spanked the DFL and the Labor Unions repeatedly in his columns. I guess they were not willing to camouflage their automatic refusal to even let him get an interview. Sensitive folks Union people. They didn’t send him an invite to screen in 2017 either.

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