The Rule of Law

Wherever two million people gather to protest injustice some small portion of them can be counted on to use the disruption to soil the reputation of the larger group. Such was the case in Hong Kong where Mainland China is about to rescind an agreement forty years ago to guarantee the City’s independence as it rejoined, against its will, the mainland.

On this NPR story this morning I heard the Mainland’s appointed the unelected stooge who leads Hong Kong. She had been vigrously pushing a law to give China the right to extradite people it wanted so shut up from Hong Kong and hand them into the opaque justice system on the Mainland. Of course, while millions marched peacefully, a bunch of the hooligans decided to overrun the legislature and tear up the place. This despicable act has brought the disgraced stooge out of the shadows. Today she said that the bad actors had violated the “rule of law.” Yes, indeed! Mainland China’s rule of law.

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