Mr. Johnston goes to Washington

I enjoyed this column by the DNT’s Robin Washington. I’m not all that happy with Art, frankly. Two years of fighting the powers-that-be allowed us to get under each other’s skins. Nonetheless, I’m impressed that Art has studied up on Robert’s Rules of Order and dumbfounded that the Trib’s editor acknowledged that newbie School Board member Art had a better grasp of Parliamentary procedure at his first School Board meeting than did fourteen-year board veteran and School Board Chair, Tim Grover.

I even posted this comment after reading the column on line:

“Its good to see Art doing his homework on the fine art of practicing Parliamentary procedure. He’s an engineer and knows about following the rules whether they be the rules of physics or the law. Too bad he could never persuade the District’s education Reporter that there were engineering issues which the Red Plan glossed over two years ago so that his complaints were all but unreported in the Trib. Perhaps portraying Art as merely contentious instead of principled in the first School District meeting was some sort of payback. Fortunately the Trib’s editor knows a thing or two about parliamentary procedure. Think of that good old Frank Capra Movie (one of my favorites), “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” and imagine actress Jean Arthur being on Claude Rains side instead of Jimmy Stewart’s and you’ll be able to imagine the challenge Art faces.”

Not sure who the actors are that I just mentioned? Here’s a short refresher:

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