“Lock her up”

Our pussy grabbing President is shocked that one of the new Congresswomen has referred to him as a “mother****er” in a call for his impeachment. Considering our President’s previous reputation I suspect the term, as rude as it is for folks like me in their sixties, is probably accurate.

As for the call from the Congresswomen there are two mitigating facts. First – Impeachment is only a process to force a trial. Considering the charges that have been made it to the news so far that seems like a pretty modest statement. The trial, should one happen, will take place in the United States Senate, a body controlled by Republicans. AND…

Second – Donald Trump constantly led cheers of “lock her up” while he ran for President. He has certainly set the standard for inflammatory language and thus has no cause for sympathy when similar words are aimed at him. As for the criticism directed at me for disrespecting our President by depicting him as a cheeto colored New Year’s Baby. Tosh!

Oh, and I remember how appalled the establishment was when an earlier President inadvertently called a now infamous mass murder guilty during a trial to determine his guilt. That was pretty tame compared to Trump’s calling Mexicans refugees rapists.

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