Pete Stauber will save us from the cannibals

This is much too important for me to address while I still need to file my fingernails……but trust me. I will fill you all in before the end of the day.

OK my nails are all even and polished:

Congressman Pete Stauber’s wife was being a loyal spouse in addressing women at an the election rally: The Duluth News Tribune reported:

But Jodi Stauber wasn’t done. She said of Trump: “I can think of no better president to be in the White House right now. He has our backs. He knows safety and security are paramount to what makes this country great.”

Among the perils Trump and Mrs. Stauber’s husband will save us from is an army of pedophiles and cannibals in our government which will no doubt necessitate shooting up more local pizza joints. Such are the fears of a new Internet group calling themselves QAnon. While skeptics like me regards such folk as a paranoid cancer the President expresses only the satisfaction that such folk trust him to keep the cannibals at bay.

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