Between the lines

I can’t pass up commenting on today’s letter to the editor from a teacher’s union official.

I know Beth. She cares a lot about education but this letter only makes sense if you read between the lines.

It simply says the teachers union (implying the teachers themselves) endorsed all the incumbent school board members. True enough. It lists four reasons they deserve a vote but they are not described with any of Beth’s usual passion. Someone in the union had to write this letter for appearances sake – the appearance of union solidarity. The rote style is, however, an acknowledgement that most teachers are very unhappy with the early consequences of the Red Plan.

It was rumored that many if not the majority of teachers at the union endorsement didn’t want to lend a hand to the incumbents but unions are not democracies at endorsement time. They more closely resemble the current Duluth School Board.

The cause of unionism required an endorsement and that what the incumbents got. Beth knows better than to rub salt in the wounds of the teachers who hate the Red Plan so she simply recites the union’s laundry list.

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