Abuse of Power

Every time I think no one could be quite as eloquent as me in describing the abuse of Duluth’s voters someone proves me wrong. From today’s Trib:

Reader’s view: School Board election is about abuse of power

Local media portray the School Board election as pro-red plan vs. anti-red plan.

This election relates to the abuse of power and authority incumbents Mary Cameron, Ann Wasson, Nancy Nilsen and Laura Condon demonstrated during their terms in office. This election is about eliminating a dictatorship under Superintendent Keith Dixon, supported by Cameron, Nilsen, Condon and Wasson. The current board used a loophole created by politicians and lobbyists to deny citizens the right to vote on massive and expensive school projects.

These incumbents claim a majority of residents support the red plan — based only on a survey of 300 residents. At the time of the survey, participants were never provided cost factors of the red, white or blue plans. They also were never told residents’ homes and property could be taken by eminent domain. They were, most importantly, never told residents would not be provided the opportunity to vote on any plan proposed.

This election is about the unethical actions of these board members who used children in the last election for their goal to get levies passed, who approved a red plan contract with Johnson Controls without knowing the exact amount, and who transferred some of their required oversight duties and responsibilities to Dixon and staff, telling voters they would not transfer funds from the general fund to the red plan fund, something they did anyway. After the election, they approved a transfer of funds.

Their type of leadership clearly demonstrates they will do anything to accomplish their objectives at any cost.

This election is about electing individuals who will provide children with quality programs and who will provide the necessary curriculum to help children succeed. How much more can or will Duluthians take? Vote for Tom Kasper, Art Johnston, Maureen Booth and Marcia Stromgren.

Donald Kinsey

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