“Send it back to those SOBs”

Today I’ve spent the day studying French and reading about my Grandfather’s battle at the Meuse-Argonne. I also put some time into reacting to the latest crisis for the School District. Those kind of days make for a great campaign. Having no illusions about my prospects is just the kind of gravy to make running for Congress all easier to swallow.

But the campaign intrudes unbidden. Over the past month I’ve gotten a number of questionnaires especially from the God, Guns and Kill-the-Unions sorts. Especially the Kill-the-Unions sorts. I’ve ignored the emails and letters to date but the Right to Work Committee is hell bent to make sure no one sympathetic to down on their luck workers gets past their Koch fueled scrutiny. I was minding my own business as General Pershing was facing down General Foch over whether the Americans got to be an independent Armyh or more like collection of Trump Congressman suckling on the Presidents teat. That’s when my letter carrier popped into our patio. She had a Certified mail item in her hands and handed it to me. I took a quick look and saw that it was from the Right-of-workers-to-starve committee. They weren’t about to let me skip their survey.

I asked my carrier if I had to accept the mail and she told me that so-siree-bob I didn’t have to. I told her “Send it back the SOB’s” I mean really. These Republican SOB’s have helped to insure that voters who have been losing their union jobs voted for Republican Donald Trump because they sure-as-hell didn’t want to vote for a Democrat who might be in favor of some social insurance for the unemployed.

I’ve never used that kind of language in front of my letter carrier before but she told me that she would put “refused” on the envelope. Then she told me she would put it in “BIG LETTERS”. She must belong to the letter carrier’s union.

I hope I keep a little of my piss and vinegar for tonight’s Almanac North at 8PM

I got a text about that this morning asking: “Are you at least gonna “come across” as sane and reasonable tonight? Just in case voters might be watching…

I replied: “I will come across as myself. How the WDSE audience sees me in beyond my control.”

My friend replied: “Uh oh!”

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