Tonight’s setting of the maximum levy

There is much to blog about but I’m very busy. I will , however, answer this question that was just sent to me:

I know someone explained this at some point but like everyone else I am confused (sure Dixon & Co. are pleased).
What is this levy in the news today about? How are they able to take the maximum amount to move forward?
How does this levy differ from the levy on the referendum that was passed at the first tier?

The answer:

The levy is the name given to all items that come from the property tax. The Operational levy that was passed last year was once called an “excess” levy because it was in excess of the normal levy limitations of the Board. Its the normal levy that will be voted on tonight. Its a bit of a game. The Board, just like the City and County govt’s will determine the limit or ceiling they will set on themselves tonight. They won’t have to levy at this rate when they make the final decision in December but if they set it at less than the maximum allowable they won’t be able to change their mind later. That decision will come after their “truth in taxation” hearing in December (same for the County too and maybe the City). People can come to that hearing and raise Cain and the Board could then vote to levy less than the ceiling they set in September (tonight).

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