But he loves kids

As I was waiting for my docs to be faxed this morning a Mother and child were in the UPS store with me. She said “Thank you for everything you are doing.” I was wearing my LDV t-shirt. The faxes didn’t go through but while I waited she told me how many parents were fed up at Lowell. She had successfully petitioned to have a child stay at Woodland rather than be sent to Morgan Park but it had been a tough fight. I’ve heard that other parents are fighting the district about this. Woodland will probably be packed to the gills next year.

She told me of parents leaving to send their children to Edison and Marshall. No word of this in the Trib yet, of course. It would interfere with the cheer leading. I asked why no one is complaining. She told me parents are afraid. She told me teachers are afraid.

I’ve heard this over and over again. Its like the Munchkins and the Wicked Witch of the West. How very odd it is that a man who comes so easily to tears when talking about children has managed to foster a climate of terror in his schools.

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