High School Sunday paper

I was just sent the Trib’s Sunday editorial. Didn’t get far before discovering that the paper’s cut back way too far in the proof reading department.

“In the District 1 School Board race, one of two requiring a primary, anti-red plan candidates include Gary Glass — who’s already a School Board member. Glass ran for a seat in his district because he feared he’d be removed from the At Large seat he already held. He feared removal because he corroborated extensively with the lawyer for Let Duluth Vote, the confuse-everything, grassroots group suing the district. In other words, Glass was working, behind-the-scenes, against the very district he had been elected to represent.”

They should have used the word “collaborated” which means to have worked with which ironically is not only true but perfectly fine – for Gary – and the lawyer to had he but gotten permission.

They used the loaded word “corroborated” which is a word often associated with a witness verifying some outlandish information.

Here’s an example of how to use both words accurately in a sentence:

The Duluth News Tribune has collaborated with the School Administration by suppressing negative information, breaking promises to hold a public debate, failing to find neutral observers to corroborate claims made by Red Plan critics and giving the School Administration sneak previews of advertising copy paid for by LDV.

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