Two years ago I voted against extending the contract…

.. of the Superintendent of the Duluth Schools.

Last year he pulled out all the stops (although he attempted to do this without drawing attention to it) to make sure I wasn’t reelected.

He earned himself the most supportive School Board imaginable.

His top administrators, real gems, are abandoning the District like rats on a sinking ship.

Now his District is facing a truly unprecedented and calamitous fiscal disaster.

He won. The children and the city lost.

By helping retire me from the School Board the Superintendent gave me a chance to file for Congress to face yet another unprecedented disaster of public confidence. This time it is a loss of faith in the nation. In the Republican primary its either me, a man who has said publicly that President Donald Trump is loathsome or Pete Stauber who his making a cozy campaign nest out of lint in Donald Trump’s pocket.

The great thing about America is that we can still tell the truth or lie like a rug so long as we are not sworn under oath to tell the truth and no one will send us to jail……..if we are white. Then again, maybe there is something not so great about that.

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