Prologue to my statement on abortion

Take a look at this picture on the front of Congressional candidate Pete Stauber’s campaign website.

The tall fellow on Pete’s right is the same fellow who announced at the Republican Convention I attended in 2002 that I and those like me were worse mass murderers than Hitler, Stalin and Mao tse Tung combined.

So what does Pete Stauber say about this issue on his issues page?

He says something I could say too only without any caveats: “I support life from conception to natural death and will always be a strong and constant voice for the right to life.”

Its impossible to tell from this if Pete Stauber has any qualifications for this blanket statement. How about Rape, Incest, or the life of the Mother? Would Pete, like the Irish government, deny a pregnant woman a life saving abortion even though Doctors warned that the pregnancy could kill her? And she did die. It was this case more than any thing else that convinced Irish voters to pass a pro-choice referendum with a 70% positive vote in Catholic Ireland. That is what happens when a puritanical law is blindly enforced.

I have never read Justin’s mind so I don’t know for sure if his words 15 years ago were meant as hyperbole or not. He’s an otherwise nice young fellow. His Mother lent the Let Duluth Vote Campaign $20,000 when I was desperately trying to raise a $100,000 bond demanded by the court to slow down the disastrous Red Plan imposed on the Duluth Schools without a vote of the people. That was several years after her son, Justin, called me worse than a trio of mass murderers.

I am pragmatic and have thick skin and I’ll accept help for a greater good from any number of allies. So will Pete Stauber. He’s giving unqualified support to a President who once went on Howard Stern’s radio show and told the nation he tried to talk his girlfriend Marla into aborting the child he fathered. That child is now known as Tiffany.

I do not support this President other than as the citizen I am who acknowledges he was elected to an office far beyond his skill, knowledge and competence if not his ego. But Pete Stauber does! And Pete has one thing I don’t have. He has a vacuous phrase hinting at his absolute opposition to any abortion for any reason. I wonder?Does he also support Trump’s separation of children from families at the border? That might be OK with him. They aren’t fetuses after all.

With this off my chest I’ll begin composing my reply to A***** ******. I hope to have it ready by tomorrow morning.

NOTE: When I cranked this out earlier today I didn’t check one detail. The pregnant woman who died in Ireland was 31 and not a 14-year-old.

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