I just looked up a link to Ralph Doty’s column today. When I got to the Budgeteer’s online site I was amused to see this picture of me. Its one a friend told me a while back makes me look sinister. For that reason I had the Budgeteer take a friendlier picture of me. Perhaps for this story the Budge preferred my more serious minded picture.

For is part Ralph comments toward the end of his column about an intruder accosting him at his Central High reunion to chastise him about his support of Johnson Controls. I heard about it afterward from some flummoxed Let Duluth Vote supporters who fretted that Ralph would use the occasion to further bash his critics. I don’t blame Ralph. I don’t much like it when folks follow me home (here and here) and raise a stink either.

Considering that Ralph was the first to heap abuse by calling for a libel suit on critics of Johnson Controls I have a hard time sympathizing with him. That was two years ago. A civil debate would have been nice but a vote would have been even better. Its not surprising that the debate has grown less civil since no referendum has been permitted.

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