They have a better website

Not more accurate, mind you, just better. I wouldn’t trust anything I read on this website. I’m probably not alone based on the anonymous mail I got today.

It had the new Move Forward Duluth organization’s (its called Choose Duluth Schools) phony comparison with the alternative plan offered by Let Duluth Vote. On the back side was this handwritten message to me:

“I wanted to be sure you saw this! I’m really starting to hate the Duluth Schools! Don’t give up! We love you!”

I wish I could believe Choose Duluth. I suspect the State Auditor will have to come in to make sense of the Duluth School’s finances in the next year or two. But Johnson Controls will have made a tidy profit out of this fiasco.

This new organization like Move Forward Duluth and Let Duluth Vote will not advocate for candidates so we will never know who is footing the bill for it and its website. At least no one who has contributed to Let Duluth Vote has a financial incentive other than to restore the right to vote on school building bonds to the voters.

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