Camp Diary, Day 4 – 73 Days

This will not be a daily diary. I just penciled in the days of this campaign on a paper calendar through August 14th when the local Trump forces of chaos, race bating, bullying, giving billionaires a pass on supporting the nation, and veneration for a prolific liar and cheat will likely bring it to and end.

As I indicated a couple days ago my measly $300 filing fee was worth it. I now have 73 days to unmask the allies of a Man who put an outhouse over the Lincoln Memorial. For a contrarian like me its like two and a half months at Disneyland.

I’m in no hurry and writing, my principal weapon, takes time. Like Martin Luther I have some new advantages over my past two races for Congress in 1992 and 2006. Its better than the printing presses that bedeviled the promiscuous popes of Luther’s time. It is the Internet which Trump’s Russian trolls made so much use of last year. This blog may seem a slender reed but it kept the Let Duluth Vote campaign informed for three years until the courts finally acceded to the enlightened forces of ignorance and doomed the Duluth School District to thirty years of trading teachers for new schools.

Sometimes you can only console yourself for having fought the good fight and this is another one. Its a fight for the soul of America. I’m pitted against a machine that finds itself rich in the Era of Citizens United which has unleashed a billion dollars of money from corporations and the rich who want to deprive poor Americans from expensive health care like all the other Western nations provide.

You could call me a Republican Socialist. I believe in single payer insurance or what others call a nationalized health care system. Ours is a disaster. Its expensive and forces people on the edge into bankruptcy and homelessness while letting others die prematurely of non treatment. As imperfect as Obamacare was it was care. Now we have moved back to National indifference to the suffering of millions.

I remember the 1960’s war to prevent Socialized Medicine. My Dad had to talk his father-in-law into signing up for Medicare. My Grandfather, George Robb, was a good Republican who didn’t like the idea. My Dad convinced him that since he was paying taxes for it he had a right to it. But that Era was a time when most people had insurance through their jobs. Those days are over for the vast share of Americans who are not public employees like Pete Stauber.

Candidate Stauber has good public employee union protection. Not only does he enjoy health care on the taxpayer’s dime but a great pension, just like my Dad who was a state college professor. But Stauber’s party opposes Obamacare let alone a national health care. Cheap *********’s.

That’s enough for now. I’ve got to get ready to finish trenching at my church to rewire the sign out front and I have to consider how I will reply to the candidate issue questionnaire I got from the MCCL. That’s the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Fetuses (if not families and children).

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