I am honored to have gotten this email today. I got it appropriately on Father’s Day when my daughter and grandsons were making a fuss over me and we went out to watch the brilliant second chapter in the Incredibles Series about something I was a-stay-at-home-Dad…….although not quite a super hero.

It has been a long day and although I’ve been eager to sink my teeth into a deeply thought out reply since I saw it after church I’m bushed. I’ll tackle this in the next couple of days and I thank the author of this challenge for such a respectfully thrown gauntlet.


I am one of your faithful followers. I do not always agree with you however I find that you never state an opinion without reasons for you having such opinions. I find you very intelligent and articulate.

I do however find your logic for supporting abortions to be as flawed as anything I have ever read from you.

I have felt that if you found a multi-cell organism on another plant most people would scream, “We’ve found life”.
I feel most abortions are done because of the baby being an inconvenience. Why can you kill a life for being an inconvenience?

Your logic in your support of abortions is:
Because years ago some groups did not promote contraception.
Because of a political party who does not provide enough help to the poor/young.
Using the argument that stopping abortions would not end them they would just travel somewhere to get one. (that is like saying we shouldn’t have laws about drugs, etc. because people would still get them)

Harry, the issue of abortion is very simple. Your view on it should be based on when you feel life begins, nothing more, nothing less.

Tying the issue to past politics, political parties views and history is simply a way to take a simple issue and cloud the discussion with rhetoric.
I want a politician who doesn’t dance around issues. I unfortunately can’t find one, anywhere.

Keep writing, I’ll keep reading. Give my best to you’re lovely wife Claudia. (no reason for her to remember me but I worked at MP for many years).

A**** ******

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