Craig Hunter – a most honorable man

I’m sure the Red Plan cheerleaders will be crowing over this set back and heaping abuse on the taxpayer’s attorney, Craig Hunter.

Let Duluth Vote interviewed quite a number of attorneys as we searched for a case that had legal merit. My first impression of Craig Hunter has never been betrayed. He struck me as a careful, thoughtful, idealistic and daring attorney. Taking on a Fortune 100 colossus like Johnson Controls Inc. is not something for the faint hearted. My admiration for Mr. Hunter has only grown.

In my own small way I’d like our community to know what a gem it has in Mr. Hunter despite this unfortunate legal setback. This anecdote that I prodded out of him touched me deeply.

At one of our conferences a few weeks ago I told him I’d enjoy getting together to share a bottle of wine with him. (I consider myself a connoisseur of any good wine I can buy as cheaply as possible) Mr. Hunter told me that he’d be happy to get together but that he didn’t drink.

I let this comment go for a while but my curiosity got the better of me and I asked him. “Well Craig. How come you are a teetotaler? Are you a member of AA or is this some sort of religious practice?”

No, he told me, he’d married a woman who had some trouble with alcohol as a young woman and he resolved to stop drinking as an act of solidarity to support her.

Craig Hunter is one in a million.

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