One last school related obligation to attend to

An email I’ve just sent to Lowell Elementary School:

Dear Lowell Community,

Last year I was contracted to help build a snow sculpture for Lowell by a purchase of my services in a fundraiser to pay for mulch replacement. I was surprised a month or so ago to learn that Principal Larva did not know of this.

We are about to get 20 inches of snow according to recent forecasts and that will make for excellent snow sculpting conditions. I am open to any number of ways to honor my commitment. I could make something of my own design all by myself or I could do the same for any reasonable subject requested for example a school mascot.

I would also gladly work with students to show them how I sculpt and how they can sculpt. They could make their own sculptures with my direction or work with me to make a larger one.

The ideal conditions would be a period of just above melting temperatures which might require a little flexibility for scheduling. The teachers and or PTA might like a hand in thinking how best to redeem my obligation. Please email or call me at 218-***-****. I will be out of town next week when the snow flies.

Harry Welty

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