Ten below and snow place to go

It might warm up to five below in the sun by noon today. If so I will move more snow for my next attempt at a snow sculpture, the first of 2022. As a hint beyond my usual one that “it will be white” I will give you the title I have in mind for it: 2021.

It is currently being given the snow I will need to proceed later in the week when it will be warm enough for me to “cook” my snow overnight so that I can sculpt it like clay rather than carve it like stone. Clay is a far more forgiving method of sculpting. What would Michelangelo have done had an errant tap with his chisel knocked of the nose of Jesus in the Pieta? I have only to make a snowball to a face and re-sculpt it.

My youngest grandson has been lobbying me to knock down the increasingly ratty looking Choral quintet from before Christmas. I have told him he will have to wait. At the moment I rather like having a permanant group of spectators watching as I add snow. I also think it would be fun to keep them in the watchful mode even after I complete my sculpture.

This is the clay model I made last night to speed up my sculpturing. Good luck figuring it out. I purposely made it very hard to blow up to get a good look at. I like to keep my projects secret till the passers-by can figure out for themselves what the devil has appeared on my doorstep.

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