Morris and Leatherman

Tonight’s combined Human Resources and Business Committee meetings lasted two hours and forty five minutes. That’s about five minutes longer than last January’s meetings although to be fair I was out of town and not present to prolong them in 2017.

A faithful attender texted me to say that the meetings were dreary without Art Johnston and Harry Welty in attendance.

He mentioned that one of the main points of discussion was preparation for a referendum to increase the levy. In anticipation of asking the public for an increase the Administration wanted to hire Bill Morris’s polling firm to figure out how to sell it to our voters. I explained that I’d blogged about Morris on a number of previous occasions. This might make for an interesting column for the Reader in two weeks if someone else doesn’t beat me to the punch.

This is my first blog post in 2007 on Bill Morris’s baby before I realized he was the Father.

Bill’s firm is now called Morris Leatherman.

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