Morris and Leatherman

Tonight’s combined Human Resources and Business Committee meetings lasted two hours and forty five minutes. That’s about five minutes longer than last January’s meetings although to be fair I was out of town and not present to prolong them in 2017. A faithful attender texted me to say that the meetings were dreary without Art […]

Friends in strange places

The Duluth School Board is and ought to be paranoid about voters who distrust it. We should be especially concerned about driving more of them to paranoia. That fear was on my mind when I wrote an op-ed piece a year ago lamenting the continuing 709 feud with Duluth’s charter school, locally known as “Edison.” […]

Some School leaders don’t deserve a polished apple

At this year’s Minnesota School Board Association conference I noted with interest that during the annual awards ceremony the entire seven member school board for the St. Louis County Schools was called up for special attention. They had managed a singular accomplishment. All seven had completed the many little seminars available to all Minnesota School […]

MSBA Notes 2 – The Incredible Shrinking School District

I have the terrible gift of prophecy where the Duluth Schools are concerned. Much that has happened since the uber ambitious Red Plan was announced I anticipated, its phony financial projections, the massive exodus of families, the chaos of an expedited construction as whole school populations were shuffled about for the convenience of contractors. So, […]

Supt. Dixon is rather blase …

…about being rated as low as Congress: I never much liked pollster Bill Morris when he was Chair of the State GOP. I’ll bet he had to craft questions very carefully to make the Duluth public look this positive about what Dixon wrought. He’s the pollster who discovered that Duluth residents didn’t want to bother […]